Blizzard announces New Overwatch Support Character: Ana is coming soon!

Ana New Overwatch Support Character

Blizzard announced they are adding a new support character to the ranks of Overwatch.  Ana, a 60 year old sniper that was formerly affiliated with The Overwatch, will be making her way to the multiplayer shooter shortly.    Ana, has an interesting back story, as she was one of the original founding members of Overwatch, and was Commanders Morrison’s second in command for many years, Ana was believed to be dead, but survived although gravely injured. Ana, now operates out of her hometown of Cairo, Egypt, as a bounty hunter for hire.

Ana has a biotic rifle at here disposal, which allows her to heal her allies, and destroy her enemies.  She also has a biotic grenade providing the same abilities.  She can also throw sleep darts at enemies, and a use a nano booster on her allies, powering them up significantly.

Check out her small intro video below, and checkout Blizzards Overwatch site for more information.