Bethesda Announces Details for E3 2016 Showcase.

Bethesda E3 2016 Detail Announcement.

Bethesda is starting to give us real details on their E3 Showcase now.  As you can see in the image above, the showcase starts at 7 pm PST on June 12th.  The event will be broadcast LIVE around the world via YouTube Gaming Channel & Twitch.  Bethesda is changing up their showcase this year and making it more of a fan event,  including the normal game reveals, but also some game demos, a few interviews and finishing the night with a performance by Blink 182.

Former Xplay Hosts - Adam Sessler & Morgan Webb
If you a fan of old G4, or even if you go back to the Days of Tech TV (I’m one of those old fogies, myself),  former X-Play hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb are going to host the entire event.  I maybe more excited about seeing the old X-Play duo back together again, than I am for the actual Bethesda reveals.

We’ve already been getting quite a few rumors about the event, including the fabled Skyrim Remaster for current gen consoles, and possible backward compatibility on the Xbox One of the original Skyrim for the 360.  Also, with ID Software now taking over the reigns of development for DOOM’s multiplayer, could we see some new game modes demos at the Bethesda showcase; and, could we get a Quake 5 reveal.  Who knows, but with the event only a few days away now, we’ll have some answers soon.

You can check out Bethesda’s own page about the upcoming event here,

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