Battlefleet Gothic: Armada


Out of Warp Space comes the newest Warhammer 40k game on Steam, and it’s a good one to say the least. I’ve been playing it over the better part of a month now, testing out the multiplayer in the early access beta, but now that it is released we have access to the campaign mode, and it is a blast. The voice acting is very well done, and captures the feel of 40k, the cinematics are done well, and the ships look stunning, even when they are crashing into a mine field or asteroids because your micro sucks. The game itself is an RTS, with ship management, and mission options that make it fairly indepth besides just deploying each new mission.

Now if you aren’t familiar with The Gothic War in Warhammer 40k Lore, you will be as you play through the game, it details The 12th Black Crusade, led by Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler and his goal of capturing The Blackstone Fortresses and crushing The Imperium of Man for good. Hey a man has to have goals right?

Abaddon the Despoiler

Fortunately for the Imperium, they have Captain Spire, whom you play and leads your fleet. Of course you can’t be some geek off the streets and expect to regulate a massive Chaos Incursion from The Eye of Terror, so The Inquisition makes sure to check your resume.

Inquisition Council

We’d like to talk to you about your TPS reports…

After going through some team building exercises, namely torturing you and making sure you aren’t a heretic, you are given command of a fleet and elevated to the rank of Admiral. Here you get to really delve into campaign mode. You have the ability to deploy your fleet to different parts of the sector each turn, often you will have priority missions which must be done first, and other missions available as well. These missions can range from escorting a some ships through Ork controlled space, fighting off Eldar Corsairs, quelling a rebellious Governor, or bringing the fight to the Traitor Legions themselves.

The actual gameplay is very reminiscent of the tabletop game that it is based off of, and hopefully we will see a release of the tabletop version sometime soon too, I talked briefly about it in our first podcast, but each mission has a set amount of points that you are able to spend to deploy your fleet. The bigger your ships, the more points they cost, as they scale up in power level as you unlock more types of ships. Now you are only playing Imperium Ships for the campaign mode, but for skirmish and multiplayer you are able to field Imperium, Chaos Fleets, Ork Freeboota Pirates, and Eldar Corsairs. Each has their own distinct way of playing, with strengths and weaknesses. I play Orks for multiplayer myself, often employing tactics such as ramming enemy ships and sending my boyz over on boarding torpedoes. An Ork has to eat right?

Ork Freeboota

Just trying to make an honest living

Do yourself a favor and pick it up on Steam, it’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy RTS games or like Warhammer 40k, i’ll be discussing it more on our next podcast which will be out next week.