Battlefield World Premire Event at 4pm (UPDATED) BATTLEFIELD 1 Has Arrived

UPDATE 2: Release date confirmed for October 21,2016


UPDATE 1: Battlefield 1 is official Title, it is set in WWI, and We have the reveal trailer 

  The Battlefield World Premiere Event is happening live right at 4pm EST / 1pm PST Dice gave us the following teaser preview last night, further sharpening the rumors that Battlefield 5 will be set in WWI

Also furthering along the rumors was a Reddit post from earlier today, supposedly showing off images from the game. And if these are to be believed, the title of the new game will be Battlefield 1, and possibly set in an Alternative History Version of WWI. a7KiSbTAznrUzqSdJJrSX The Battlefield World Premiere live stream will begin in less than 1 hour,  and can be view either via Twitch or YouTube Gaming.